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How we started this web site

Our web site was started by professional property managers because of the high cost of print advertising, and because the existing on-line opportunities were either too expensive or didn’t work very well. We were looking for a better alternative.

We thought we could do better, and have set out to prove the potential of on-line rental listings. What better way to start, than with the listings of our own property management company?

Since we began running our own ads as a test market on, we’ve discovered that this form of on-line advertising has brought us the best quality in prospective renters. Through this medium, we will most often meet people relocating to take employment in the area. This advertising has been highly cost-effective for us, and we are now offering the same advertising opportunity to other landlords and property managers.

Providing landlords with opportunities
  by meeting tenants′ needs

We know that tenants need a comprehensive list of available properties. How do we know? Because they e-mail and tell us!

We started out with listings in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Since we began, we've consistently received e-mails from prospective tenants asking us if we have listings for other geographic areas.

We want to help both landlords and tenants, by bringing you together. Having worked as professional property managers, we understand the needs of both. Tenants need a clean, safe, economical place to live. Landlords need responsible tenants who will respect their property and pay the rent. At, we're here to bring the two of you together.

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