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Packing it up:
A few tips to help ensure a smooth move

Making that major move can be one of life's biggest stresses. Aside from finding a new residence, transferring the utilities, and finding your way around your new neighbourhood, there's all that “stuff” you′ve been accumulating that must be sorted through and either packed up or discarded.

If you are moving for the first time, you won't have a list of past mistakes to avoid or more efficient ways you′ve learned to safely pack your more precious possessions. Don't cut corners. Poorly packed items are easily broken, and no one needs the heartbreak of putting a precious family heirloom out with the first week's trash.

Here are some tips to help you keep your move as stress-free as possible:

Assess your mess

Take an inventory of what you own. There are items you will need right away, and other items that won't be required for a while (such as seasonal clothing). Discard items that have been gathering dust in the back of your closet. A good rule of thumb: if you haven't used it or worn it in a year, you probably don't need it.

Start your packing with those items you won't need immediately and set those boxes aside. You′re already well under way!

Do your homework

It′s amazing how many people will put time and energy into researching the purchase of a new television, stereo, or other household appliance, but will pick the first mover in the phone book. Do your homework!

Get estimates from more than one moving company. Ask for recommendations from family and friends. This company will be packing and carting your precious possessions across town, or across the country. The lowest price or the prettiest ad won't necessarily get you the best service.

If cost is an issue, be careful to count all your pennies. While moving yourself with a rented truck may appear cheaper, extra trips, breakages, and possible injuries could cost you more in the long run. The larger capacity of a commercial moving van, and the experience of professional movers in getting the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently could save you money overall.

The right box for the job

Picking up boxes from the local grocer may be inexpensive, but such boxes may not be sturdy enough for the job. Boxes purchased or rented from a moving company are stronger, and are of a uniform size that will pack more efficiently.

Lining your boxes with packing paper or bubble wrap will help keep fragile valuables safe. Never pack a lamp shade with anything else. Even the most innocuous-looking item can easily punch a hole in a shade.

Dont over-pack your boxes to save on volume. The bottom can fall out of an overloaded box. Boxes that are too heavy are more likely to be dropped and the contents damaged. Injuries can also result.

Special concerns

Don't ship aerosols or household chemicals in a moving truck. Evaporation, leaks, and even fires and explosions could result. Such items are easily replaced at your destination.

Watch out for your cat! Felines are particularly curious around boxes, and have been known to get packed away. If kitty goes missing, be sure to check for a box that mews.

Stay focussed

While managing the details of your move can be hectic at times, try to remain focussed on your destination and the possiblities that lie ahead in your new home. Keeping your destination in mind can help reduce your overall stress load.

FastFold? Moving Boxes - Apartment Kit

FastFold Moving Boxes - Apartment Kit

This particular moving kit is ideal for a student moving out of his one bedroom apartment, or anyone packing up an art studio. The FastFold Moving Boxes - Apartment Kit is one of our smaller kits that is useful for those who need to pack up a smaller living space or even a small business or coffee shop. The kit includes:10 -Small FastFold, Tape-Free Moving & Storage Boxes; 8 - Medium FastFold, Tape-Free Moving & Storage Boxes; 6 - Large FastFold, Tape-Free Moving & Storage Boxes; 1 - Packing Paper 10 lbs.; 1 - Box Cutter & Markers;

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FastFold? Moving Boxes - Apartment Kit

FastFold? Moving Boxes - Apartment Kit

FastFold? Moving Boxes - Apartment Kit